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Early Years

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17 April 2024 in Latest news

Developing Healthy Sleep Patterns

For children and young people, low-quality sleep can become a serious issue. It has been theorised that poor sleep can have a significant impact on children’s brain development, affecting them…
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14 April 2024 in Latest news

6 o’clock Storytime

⭐️📚Sunday 6 o’clock Storytime Starring… Miss Green - one of our Reception teachers 📚⭐️    Don’t forget to subscribe to our school YouTube account to keep up to date…
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10 April 2024 in Latest news

Encouraging Open Conversations at Home

Cultural and technological changes have made the experiences of today’s children vastly different to our own childhoods; it can be challenging to engage youngsters in open, honest conversation – especially…
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At Park Lane Primary School & Nursery we offer 2-year-old provision (Mini Griffins) and 3-year-old provision (Pre-School). We offer both 15 and 30 hours provision within our nursery unit. This is free for parents who are eligible – check to find out if you may be eligible.


If you only need your child to attend for 15 hours, this will be either morning or afternoon sessions. Our morning sessions run from 8.45am to 11.45am. Our afternoon sessions are 12.15pm to 3.15pm.

If you are eligible for 30 hours, the sessions will end at 2:45pm. We do offer a wraparound session which means that the children can stay until 3:15, this is at a charge of £3.oo per session stayed. If your child is staying all day and therefore requires a school lunch, this will be at an additional cost and will be paid in advance through Parent Pay.

We have an experienced and dedicated early years team who would be happy to discuss any questions you have further, Please contact the school office via

Our Reception cohort has two classes with the capacity of 30 children per class. There would be two or more adults in each class to support and ensure the quality of early years education provided is exceptional and children are taught to be curious, to risk take and to become independent learners; showing an ambitious and individual environment.

If there is anything else you would like to know about our Oftsed ‘outstanding’ early years provision, then please contact the school admin team who will be happy to facilitate a tour and provide you with further information. We look forward to welcoming you to Park Lane.


Every child in EYFS has their own ‘Learning Journey’ which is captured on our Seesaw Learning Platform. The adults working with your child will collect a range of evidence in order to show the progress your child is making as well as to clearly illustrate the characteristics of learning your child is demonstrating at a point in time. They will be uploaded on to the platform and can be seen by you as soon as they are posted. We also like to involve you and your child in contributing towards their learning journey in order to build up a more accurate picture of your child’s achievements. You will be invited to contribute to this Learning Journey by uploading special events and proud moments on to the seesaw platform. Four guiding principles should shape practice in early year’s settings. These are:

  • A unique child – Every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.
  • Positive relationships – Children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person.
  • Enabling environments – The environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning.
  • Learning and development – Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates and all areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected.

There are seventeen areas of Learning and Development including:

Communication & Language

Listening, Attention and Understanding


Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Managing Self
Building Relationships

Physical Development

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills



Word Reading



Numerical Patterns

Understanding the World

Past and Present

People, Culture and Communities
The Natural World

Expressive Arts & Design

Creating with Materials

Being Imaginative and Expressive

In planning and guiding what children learn, practitioners must reflect on the different rates at which children are developing and adjust their practice appropriately by using three characteristics of effective teaching and learning. These are:

  • Playing and Exploring – children investigate and experience things, and ‘have a go’
  • Active Learning – children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties, and enjoy achievements
  • Creating and Thinking Critically – children have and develop their own ideas, make links between ideas, and develop strategies for doing things

Assessment at the start of the Reception

The Reception Baseline Assessment is a short assessment, taken in the first six weeks in which a child starts reception. It will be carried out 1-1 with each child and is just a general assessment of what they can and can’t do.

Assessment at the end of the EYFS

The Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) is completed in the final term of the year in which the child reaches age five. Children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals for each of the seventeen strands above, they will either be assessed at working towards the expected level or meeting the expected level for each goal. If a child meets or exceeds the Early Learning goals in the strands contained within Communication and Language; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Physical Development; Literacy and Maths then they will have achieved a ‘good level of development’ – an indicator that they will continue to achieve well throughout their school journey. You will receive a written report at the end of Foundation Stage detailing your child’s achievements.

Please also see our yearly overview of topics as these are key elements of our planning for your child’s learning journey.

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