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17 April 2024 in Latest news

Developing Healthy Sleep Patterns

For children and young people, low-quality sleep can become a serious issue. It has been theorised that poor sleep can have a significant impact on children’s brain development, affecting them…
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14 April 2024 in Latest news

6 o’clock Storytime

⭐️📚Sunday 6 o’clock Storytime Starring… Miss Green - one of our Reception teachers 📚⭐️    Don’t forget to subscribe to our school YouTube account to keep up to date…
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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso



At Park Lane Primary School, we aim to ensure that visual art plays a pivotal role within our curriculum. We believe that visual art is a journey rather than a product and consequently our vision is that all children should be afforded the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of high-quality visual art experiences. We seek to make sure these opportunities are available to all students regardless of their financial background or attainment and believe that all pupils are artists, with creativity being at the forefront of our key skills. In addition to this, we recognise how the arts can support cognitive and physical development as well as communication and presentational skills from an early age. Because of this, we strive for excellence within the Foundation Stage itself to build the foundation for future skills/ art progression.

Park Lane is committed on providing our children with rich, ambitious visual art experiences, which support pupil engagement across the curriculum, enabling children to consistently achieve highly. As pupils progress through each year group, they will gain a deeper understanding about the historical aspects of art and how this contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our world. We want the children at Park Lane to have no limits and have ambitions for careers incorporating creativity with prospects such as illustrators, graphic designers, architects and fashion designers.

At Park Lane we identify the importance of how development of skills for both staff and children can be transferable across the curriculum as well as beyond school. We aim to give all children the platform and opportunity to achieve this.



  • The teaching of the subject of art is delivered over a series of lessons where children learn and develop skills before applying these to a final piece.
  • Sketchbooks are used to showcase the skills applied or developed. Seesaw – our online learning platform – is utilised to showcase the curriculum in action through photographs, videos and articulation of learning.
  • Staff members are provided with regular CPD opportunities for visual art and supported through a wider network of schools within The Griffin Schools Trust.
  • The visual arts lead works closely alongside the rest of the Arts Team to provide targeted and ongoing support, where needed.
  • Assessment on Target Tracker is used as a tool to ensure that children achieve highly and as a basis for future target setting within visual art.
  • Park Lane is committed to investing in high-quality arts equipment and resources to ensure the effective delivery of visual art ensuring children are exposed to a variety of media.
  • Teachers make sure that each skill is modelled to enable all pupils to be successful within the lesson.
  • Children are provided with ample opportunity to showcase talent within the arts such as with The Nuneaton Arts Festival, Griffin Arts Festival and The Big Draw.
  • Collaborations with arts organisations and experts within this field are utilised to further widen children’s art opportunities.
  • The Sports and Arts Fund from the Griffin Schools Trust provides children with funds to further develop skills away from the school setting.



Our Senior Leadership Team are strong advocates for the arts at Park Lane, which enables me as visual arts lead and teachers alike to maximise the impact made across the subject.

This is demonstrated in a variety of ways:

  • Children achieve highly in the arts, which is reflected in the standards achieved against the planned outcomes.
  • Arts experiences promote a tolerance and respect for other cultures, as well as broadening children’s horizons.
  • Sketch books showcase clear progression of key skills within the subject of art and are used as an assessment tool for future teaching and planning. These sketchbooks follow the children to their next class to provide optimum opportunity for children to reflect and revisit previously learnt skills.
  • Work that is produced is of consistently high quality including those children with SEN needs.
  • Gifted and talented pupils have a variety of opportunities to develop their skills in preparation for the next stage, including the inclusion of the SAF fund.
  • Seesaw showcases a progression of skills developed within visual art and highlights children’s achievements in the subject throughout their time at Park Lane.
  • The enjoyment of learning in Art as a subject is apparent across all key stages.
  • Drop ins carried out by the Arts team provide the chance for the subject lead to evaluate the subject and also look at sketch books in each year group. Following this, targeted support is provided to ensure all lessons are ‘skills based’ and to an appropriate level to both challenge and support all learners.

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Student Voice

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