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⭐️📱Online Safety 📱⭐️

By 30 November 2022No Comments

What Parents need to know about social media use and the impacts on mental health.

We know from experience with our own children at Park Lane, particularly Year 6 who have recently completed a health questionnaire, that social media use is having an impact on our children including affecting their sleep. We would welcome our families to discuss healthy social media habits with their children at home, as well as the discussions we are having in our online safety lessons at school.

Did you know? An estimated one-third of children have a social media account, so it’s important that trusted adults know what content young people are consuming, what they’re posting and the interactions they’re having. On social media, it can be easy to go down a rabbit hole that isn’t beneficial to our wellbeing. As platforms grapple with managing ‘legal but harmful’ content, lives are being impacted – sometimes to tragic effect. We might be daunted by the scale of the tech giants and their content which enthrals young people, but we can still help children to be mindful of their mental wellness: recognising when something isn’t OK … and knowing what to do about content that upsets them.

We hope you find this useful when supporting your children. Thank you! ✨

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