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⚡️🎸 TT Rockstars Top of the Rocks 🎸⚡️

By 19 July 2022No Comments
After a gruelling battle right till the last day, we are pleased to announce that after a week of times tables against other GST schools, Park Lane are the reigning champions with a school total of 454,866 answers correct. A whopping 80,000 ahead of second place. Well done to all of our Griffins who took part and battled to add to our score!
Our top 3 most valuable players in school are announced below all with a staggering amount of correct answers each. What a huge contribution to our total from the 3 of you!
1. Ranveer (5MQ) – 31,589 correct answers
2. Tairons (5MQ) – 28,605 correct answers
3. Sean (6SM) – 16,630 correct answers.
Please also find our top 3 rockstars per class:
2LE – Marcus
2MW – Jagraj, Skye and Alfie
3CW – Jayden N, Ruby H and William R
3JG – Mithus, Lucy and Poppy C
4GL – Archie, Zaye and Koji
4SN – Ruby C, Alfie W and Jamie
5MQ – Ranveer, Tairons and Harry
5EG – Ruben, Paris and Henry
6SM – Sean, Hatice and Emerson
6AB – Dalton, Frankie and Jack T
Thank you to all players and roll on next years competitions! ✨